About Us

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.

River's Edge Fiber Arts dates back to the fall of 1994, a historic gathering of 10 women all working in various areas of textiles, demonstrating for all the townspeople during the peak fall colors on the Grand River.

Carol continued to demonstrate at several local festivals, guide her friends and join various guilds to continue being among other like minded people. As her experience and knowledge continued to grow in spinning and weaving especially, so did her quest for the best fibers. It was a long journey that came to be the business that it is known for today. She tested the whole route, shearing, lambing, washing raw fleeces, grading, processing and dyeing; and the business continued to grow and redefine itself into what it is today, the cutting edge of new fibers, blending new with industry standards and offering only the best fibers and yarns available on the market today. Drawing on her extensive formal training in textiles, it was an easy transition to select only the finest fibers to offer and have many made into the unique one-of-a-kind blends and yarns available exclusively at River's Edge Fiber Arts.

2013 brought the introduction of "Progressions" a "puzzle" yarn dyed to continuously changed from one end to the other and the first business in the USA to introduce Rose Fiber.

2014 has been thrilling to date, with the introduction of our Fair Trade product - Market Baskets from Ghana. Carol has a special unique connection to this particular line, meeting "Robert" from Ghana several years ago while teaching textiles at a local university. Her supervisors had requested she meet with "a person from outside the USA" to discuss marketing and distributing products from Africa. Being intriqued by the proposition, she spent a day with Robert learning all about his culture, the impact on the families and especially the women making them, and how it was viewed among the family structure itself having a woman as the main "breadwinner" in their society. Each time she opens a box of baskets to get ready to offer, it's thrilling to see the intricate patterns and weaving on many of them, hoping that the hands that created it belonged to one of the many women she saw in the pictures so many years ago. 

Shepherd's Harvest 2014 w/debb about 15 minutes before we opened.

2014 is bringing exciting additions to the product lines. Fusing Carol's 50+ years of garment design and surface design, there will be even more unique specialty items sure to delight the most discriminating collector of hand-crafted textiles.

Personal note: This is what's really important to me, living by the water, having nature around me, and my sweet precious Louie. This setting allows me the peace and quiet to be able to create, some much needed humor and to be able to enjoy the wildlife around us.

I wish to thank you for stopping by and visiting, please feel free to send any comments (compliments are even better! LOL), suggestions, photos of projects from our products, or just stories about life to me.  Without your generous continued support, I wouldn't be able to do my life work - textiles. Thank you! Carol Larsen